Advanteck consulting services and experience covers a range of activities related to forestry, land clearing, ArcGIS and Geomatics, forest surveying, project biding and management.

We have completed Environmental Assessments on forest and winter road construction activities. We acquired winter road construction funding and permitting for our clients. We have integrated our forestry, Geomatics and technology background to secure and complete hydro line clearing project.

The integration of our UAV system, Geomatics expertise and forestry background offers clients a complete package of expertise for large related projects.

Our strength is the application of technologies in the business we conduct.  Our Mission is to implement technology to improve our client’s bottom line.

ForestryBoundary Line

Advanteck Inc.’s founder has been in the forestry business for more than 30 years. He is a Professional Forester, Forest Resource Technologist and Licenced Scaler. We have a certified professional Geomatics Specialist as well as experienced field staff that carry out our field surveying activities.

We carry out boundary marking with our On-Board Sub-Meter Navigation System for the forestry and mining industries and our field staff where field truthing is required.

We have the background and experience to assist our clients with a full range of general forestry services, including permitting and operations planning.

Land Clearing Activities

We deploy GPS technologies to monitor multi-unit clearing projects and to monitor machine production and payment.  The example image shows different colours for different contractors and machine types on a forest clearing operation.  Tracking machine productivity with GPS technology makes it far easier and more accurate to monitor machine productivity and calculate machine payment by area.

In the case of hydro line clearing operations we implement GPS technologies to guide clearing equipment to stay within the right-of-way boundary, guide equipment to extract individual danger-trees one-by-one over the length of the project and to monitor equipment production for productivity and payment.

First Nation

Advnateck has provided consulting services to First Nations since the inception of the company. We have acquired Environmental Assessments and funding in excess of a million dollars on behalf of First Nations’. We have bid and completed a number of major projects with First Nations’ businesses.

Advanteck Inc hold a First Nation Joint Venture Partnerships with First Nation.

Compliance Monitoring

We offer project compliance monitoring including workplace safety, client operational standards and environmental protection. We integrate our technologies in order to provide our clients with a professional, complete and high quality monitoring documentation. Our field staff are equipped with rugged tablets and the capability to perform data logging in the field in all weather conditions.