Advantages of Onboard GPS Navigation

Working Alone - Improve Safety

In Ontario, the law doesn’t discuss working alone as a distinct issue. However, all employers, managers and supervisors must do “everything that is reasonable under the circumstances: (OHSA, Sec 25) to ensure that their workers have a healthy and safe workplace”. Ensuring that workers working alone are safe is within the scope of the intent of the law. Boundary marking is dangerous work. Advanteck’s system greatly reduces the need for manual boundary flagging and thereby greatly reducing the risk to workers.

Less Kilometers Charged

Under the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) managed forests and with Advanteck’s Navigation System only water quality values need to be walked and they are walked with a single pass as opposed to double-pass as required in the manual flagging method. This reduces boundary walking and the kilometer charges to our clients

Direct Cost Savings

The cost of manual boundary marking has increased over the past 5 years. Advanteck charges less than the current per km rate for boundary control.

Line runners charge according to their track logs, not the smooth GIS generated lines. Walked lines result in irregular track log lines which add distance to smooth GIS generated lines. Walked tracklog lines add 10% to 20% distance to the original GIS generated line. Advanteck charges by the GIS generated smooth-line where our Navigation System is used for boundary.

Machine Costs

Navigating with high-resolution imagery significantly reduces unnecessary heavy equipment walking in forestry operations. Simply put, the operators can clearly see ahead and it is easy to identify if there are no merchantable trees ahead.  If there is no merchantable trees ahead they don’t go to the area,  avoiding unnecessary equipment walking, resulting in dollar savings.

Lost Time

Operators wast a lot of time looking for flagging.  With Advanteck’s navigation system there is no need to look for flagging.  The high precision of the Navigation System means they know exactly where they are at all times and most importantly, allowing them to stay inside the boundary.

No Capital Cost

Advanteck does not sell systems, we rent and/or provide the systems at a per kilometer rate! We charge a per hour rate to produce the digital colour map(s).  The paper copy maps are provided at no cost to the client as part of the contract.

No Expertise Required

The Navigation System is simple to use and the operator only needs to turn it on, select the block and set the map scale! Simple and asier than a Garmin.

Improves Efficiency - Measures Progress In All Conditions

For the operator, knowing exactly where he is, opens unlimited opportunities throughout their shift! Operators can measure their progress under all conditions, on-the-fly at any time. With this information they make more efficient operating decisions.

Improves Efficiency - Severe Terrain

In challenging terrain, high-resolution imagery permits the operator to work around obstacles and develop strategies on the fly on how to best approach in any given situation.

Improves Efficiency - Reduced Trespasses

Stream values are not always obvious! What is obvious is that MNR expects all water values to be protected. Advanteck’s process includes a pre-harvest review of the high-resolution imagery and the fact that line markers have high-resolution imagery on their rugged field tablets means that our clients operations are much less likely to get confused and go astray.

Sub-Meter GPS Navigation with Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)

Advanteck’s system employs Sub-meter GPS accuracy using the WAAS system of satellites and COASTTM technology. COAST permits the GPS receiver to utilize old DGPS correction data for 40 minutes or more without significantly affecting positioning quality. This is particularly useful in heavy forest canopy applications and is exclusive to navigation equipment using COAST technology. Trimble does not have this capability.


The equipment Advanteck uses is rugged and has been in operational use since November, 2012 without a single mechanical failure. The equipment has operated on 24/7 operations that have experienced a range of temperatures from -50 C to +30 C.

System Support

Advanteck has a local presence and provides local support to our clients for our systems and services. Advanteck is led by a professional forester with more than 30 years of experience in operations and planning. Advanteck uses online internet support tools so that we can service clients wherever they are as long as they have access to the internet. Advanteck has extensive experience with ArcGIS and AutoCAD.


The system is user friendly and is currently used in bilingual operations by operators with virtually no computer experience.

Managing Line Runners

Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain line-running personnel. Advanteck’s navigation system greatly reduces the need for manual boundary flagging. Advanteck will take over this responsibility from our clients.