Forest Surveying Equipment


Where sub-meter GPS accuracy is required in the field Advanteck uses military grade rugged tablets. These systems have high-resolution, sunlight-readable 7” colour touch screens and are capable of displaying the same range of information as our navigation system.

Bringing detailed aerial photography, maps and other digital data into the field is an important advantage to our clients. Our surveyors are able to zoom in to a great level of detail, record waypoints and track logs and take geo-tagged photographs with a 5 MP camera.

ForestSurveyingThe full function Windows 7 operating system allows us to load any supporting documentation into the tablet. Operators can reference charts, tables, guidelines or operating procedures in the field. No need to carry clipboards or hard copy documentation. Simply open a reference document on the rugged tablet and search a key word and within an instant the technician has the information he/she needs to complete the job precisely and in compliance with our clients procedures.

Information is key to getting the job done right.  Availability of information in the field can be very useful.