How Does It Work?

Maps or high-resolution aerial photography are displayed on the 10 inch colour touch screen. Aerial photography can be displayed at a scale of 1:1,200 or better, depending on the resolution of the aerial photography. This means that individual trees are visible to the operator. Multiple forms of information can be over-laid on the map or aerial photograph including clearing boundaries, AutoCAD drawings, LiDar data features, and digital terrain or elevation models.

To stay within the boundary, the equipment operator, positions the machine using the GPS Location icon on the monitor alongside the boundary. Virtually any boundary colours or configurations can be overlaid on the map or aerial photo to define different applications.


The system is designed for ease of use. can be run in English or French and is user-friendly.

It has been designed so that the operator only need to select 4 buttons (icons) to activate the system.  When the day is done the operator simply shuts down the machine, there is no shutdown procedure to follow.

The System Start-up procedure is simple:

  1. Press the power button.
  2. Open Project icon.
  3. Set Scale icon.
  4. Set Scale Lock/Trackup icon.