Sub-Meter GPS Navigation System

With ArcGIS we can create aerial photography mosaics, essentially airphoto maps which depict hydro line boundaries, stream buffers and in the case shown below danger-tree LiDar clusters that the operators uses to select out and fell individual trees. The accuracy of the system is such that the operator, day or night can travel hundreds of kilometers, clearing boundaries, avoiding sensitive areas and felling individual danger trees as they are encountered.

This image shows a screenshot from a monitoring report from a hydro line brushing operation. Seven pieces of heavy equipment were equipped with our Navigation System and charged with maintaining the hydro line right-of-way boundary, staying out of stream reserves and removing LiDar-identified danger-trees from the edge of the right-of-way. The operation was conducted along a 150 km hydro line, in the winter, operating 24/7 over a 3 month period with temperatures as low as -38°C.

Imagery taken in the summer allows us to identify and avoid streams and drainages. Navigation System operators can readily see these features and buffers thereby reducing the chance of missing them under a blanket of snow.

Geo-referenced ortho-mosaic photographs are used in our Navigation System to accurately control boundary clearing and single tree extraction operations on mine sites, hydro lines and forest operations.

Geo-referenced ortho-mosaic photograph of a hydro line right-of-way (boundary in red).