Navigation System Endoresements


My name is Ian Thom and I am currently the Operations Superintendent of 3 Nations Logging Limited Partnership in Cochrane Ontario.

The reason why I am writing this letter of endorsement for Advanteck’s Onboard Navigation system as they are approaching there 2nd year of deployment is as follows.

  • When we started with Advanteck’s Navigation System there was considerable doubt that we could operate without flagging.  It’s been over a year now and the operators are now very keen on the System.  They’re finding a big relief not having to look for flagging at night and in the winter under the snow or to be worried about how far away the next AOC is.  The 10 inch colour screen shows them the big picture and exactly where they are.
  • High-resolution imagery at a 1:1,200 scale in our feller bunchers helps us direct our operators and enables them to stay in the merchantable wood 24/7 day or night.  Experienced or inexperienced operators once trained know how to best use this information and take advantage of it.  This has a positive impact on our operations day in and day out.
  • Since we’ve been using Advanteck’s Navigation System we are confident that our harvesters are cutting all our eligible reserves.  The benefit of all these factors are far greater than the 35% we’re saving in boundary marking costs using the System.

These are a few reason why I recommend any and every one to change the way they have their line running done. If your company wants to remain on top in industry I truly believe that you should change the way you operate.

Ian Thom

Operations Superintendent, 3 Nations Logging

The combination of sub-meter GPS, high-resolution imagery, mapping, and extensive training and experience has improved the overall accuracy, quality, and utility of line marking for our contractor. Advantages include an increased pre-harvest identification of unmapped streams & drainages and a comprehensive pre-harvest boundary control review process.  Additionally, equipment operators have access to high-resolution imagery and can see in real-time their location within the block in relation to boundaries and areas of concern.

Jennifer Tallman, R.P.F.

Operations Superintendent, Iroquois Falls Woodlands, Resolute Forest Products