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PC Ground Station

DJI Ground Control Station Feature - Photogrammetry Tool
DJI Ground Control Station Videos

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Install DJI Ground Station

3D Modelling Software

General Pix 4D Advertising
Pix4D simply powerful aerial image processing software
Creating your first Project
Intro to modern photogrammetry and optimal flight plans for best project results
Introducing the Mosaic Editor
Ground Control Points
Using the RayCloud
Index Calculator: Precision Agriculture meets Pix4D Mapper
Pix4D Mapper Workflow and Options
Pix4D Mapper outputs in AutoCAD and ArcGIS
Pix4D Mapper 1.2 New Features and Improvements
Merging Terrestrial and Aerial (Oblique and Nadir) Images in One Project
Upload Pix4D Mapper outputs to Mapbox with one-click

AgiSoft Photoscan

AgiSoft Photoscan

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Transport Canada

Flying an unmanned aircraft

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Exemption small UAV's

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UAS Videos

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UAS Equipment

DJI Spreading Wings S9000

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DJI S900 Pre-Flight Checklist and Field Trip Checklist
Dropsafe Installation

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A2 Flight Controller

How to use A2 Assistant Software:

Futuba T145F Radio Controller

Futuba T145G Fastest System (Firmware Update):

How to setup FailSafe & ICO:

SJI S900 Zenmuse Gimbal Single Operator Setup:

Simple Single Pilot Solution S900 GH4 with Futuba 8FG or 14 SG


Flysight Black Pearl Monitor

Black Pearl Monitor Review:

DJI PC Ground Station Videos:

Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Camera Settings for Zenmuse Z15 Gimbal


Infrared trigger for a6000 with Futuba controller: click here.

DJI Zenmuse Gimbal Controller Setup
Battery Management

How to charge a LiPo Batter:

Long term storage of LiPo Batteries: click here.

How to operate a Graupner SJ Charger:

Safety instructions for LiPo Batteries: click here.

iOSD Mark II Assistant Software Introduction:

Trimble Base and Rover Setup

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UAS Videos