Advanteck Inc. was founded in 2009, by Robert (Bob) Jackman.  The focus of our business is to employ technologyUAV Pic 4 LG up in business applications to collect data and imagery to improve our clients’ bottom line.    Our main business streams are UAV/Drone Services, Sub-Meter GPS Navigation in forest land clearing operations and general consulting related to our business.

Our primary drone service is to perform aerial surveys to produce digital 3D terrain models and perform  volume  IMG_7757estimates of aggregate stockpiles for the mining and aggregate industries.  We us our  drone  equipment to produce high-resolution aerial imagery for a broad range of uses.  Drones can be  used in a very broad range of applications and we have used our equipment for  many other  applications (view more examples in our website).

In 2011 we developed a Sub-Meter GPS Navigation System to eliminate the need for manual boundary flagging Reduce Trespass_Know Where They Arein forestry and line clearing operations.  This system has been in successfully operating since November, 2012 in forestry and hydro line clearing operations.  These operations have run 24/7 in all weather conditions (-40ᴼ C to +30ᴼ C) and in the toughest work environments in the North.

We have a strong background in the application of photography as it relates to our business activities.  We work with the Adobe Suite of applications including Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro CC.  We have produced a number of Master Northward event videos that can be seen on our Facebook site.  We have plans to launch a commercial  photography service in 2016 beginning with real estate photography.  We have the experience  and expertise and given our drone services offering it’s logical to offer a complete photography  and video package to potential real estate clients.  Stay tuned for our opening portfolio in this  new endeavor.

Advanteck is proud of its strong history of working with Aboriginal businesses.  We have completed a number of major projects in partnership with Moose Cree and Attawapiskat First Nation businesses.  We plan to continue building our business relationships with the First Nation.

Advantecks’ Team

Advanteck relies on a few very qualified experts in Geomatics and field work to support our business ventures. Our main Geomatics Specialist has more than 10 years of expertise in the industry and specializes in computer programming. Our field staff are experienced well trained mature individuals who share our dedication to providing our clients with the best possible service.

Currently there are three main aspects to our business.  Our Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) services newly launched in 2015 and backed up with our related experience and nearly a year of preparation.  Our Sub-meter GPS Navigation System coupled with our forestry surveying business has been successful and used in forestry and power line brushing operations.  Our consulting services have accounted for a bulk of our activities in the first three years of business.

As a Professional Forester, Resource Technologist and Scaler our strength in forestry and forestry related fields like ArcGIS, Lidar, mapping and management and planning is strong.  As such we continue to offer consulting services specializing in forestry and land clearing related activities.

With the acquisition of a professional UAS we are now expanding our business into the remote sensing, aerial surveying and volumetric surveys.  We plan to expand this aspect of the business to its fullest potential and move into inspections, marketing, disaster management just to name a few.

Advanteck understands that successful companies know the importance of work place safety and as such Advanteck has its own complete Safety, Health and Environment Plan and Procedures.  These Safety Systems are documented, maintained and available to our clients for review.

We look forward to meeting with new clients and taking on new endeavors.  As always our commitment is to implement technology to improve your bottom line.



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