This note is to confirm my working relationship with Robert Jackman, President of Advanteck Inc. Bob and I have worked together since 2007 during my years with Tembec. My role, prior to my retirement with Tembec in 2010 was Group Technical Manager – Forest Operations. I worked for over 30 years in the Forest Industry.

Bob and I started working together at Tembec as members of an internal consulting team focused on productivity improvement. This relationship evolved when Bob started up Advanteck in 2009 and we entered into a Professional Services Agreement with Tembec and Advanteck. We are now working together with Advanteck as I provide Bob’s company with business advice in an advisory role.

I would characterize Bob as being very professional. Integrity is very important to Bob – following-up on commitments is highly valued. I have also known Bob to have a strong work ethic. In terms of working with people, Bob is able to effectively communicate with all levels within an organization through his honesty, positive attitude, and genuine respect for the individual.


William D. (Bill) Snell

Group Technical Manager - Forest Operations, Tembec

I am writing this letter of reference for Robert Jackman who I have known since sometime around September 2010. Mr. Jackman and I have worked on a wide range of projects together, initially me for him when he was a contract manager with CS Enterprises in Cochrane Ontario.

Mr. Jackman was at CS E. for a number of years and my company and I we worked together with him for about 3 year. When he went back to dedicating his time to his own business Advanteck Inc. we hired Mr. Jackman on many occasions up and until this fall of 2015.

We have always found Mr. Jackman to be a reliable person who we can count on to be there in a crunch and to provide professional and accurate consulting guidance. We have together bid multimillion dollar projects and have always felt confident in his contributions.

We find Mr. Jackman to be a reliable and affective person who stands by his word.

Brad Dobson

General Manager, Dobson Contracting