Examples of UAS Applications

Digital Surface Models (DSMs)

DSM’s can be used for damage assessment, precise measurements in aggregate resource management and open pit mining.


Pix4Dmapper Image of a photo mosaic and the camera positions


Errosion damage assessment

Errosion damage assessment

Aggregate site management and volume estimation

Aggregate site management and volume estimation








Aerial mosaic and volume estimation of mine overburden


DSM’s can be used by Engineers in AutoCad




Mining Volumetric Surveys



3D Modelling

Photogrammetry 3D Modelling tools are used to create 3 dimensional structural images as shown in the example images below.


Digital surface model generated from photogrammetry using a UAV


3D Textured Point Clouds can be used in architecture


Aerial Inspections

Aerial Inspections

Aerial video and/or still imagery can provide detailed information on the status of infrastructure.  Aerial inspections are also used to monitor construction projects in remote areas like building sites, dams or mines.

Roof Inspections

Close-up colour 4K images are a quick, safer and less expensive way to evaluate roofing conditions in order to determine the degree and even whether or not further intervention is required.

RoofInspections_2 RoofInspections_1

Bridge Inspections

Preliminary and periodic aerial inspections of bridge structures with a UAV is cost effective, safe and less costly.  From these preliminary evaluations managers can more efficiently determine what resources are required for further maintenance.


Hydro Infrastructure Inspection

Close up and detailed images can show a great deal and UAV flights can cover a lot of structures efficiently with a minimum mobilizing costs.  Managers can use the imagery to plan more extensive maintenance efforts if required.


Hydro Inspections

Security and Law Enforcement


Our systems provide you with high operational readiness for first response, situational awareness, remote sensing (e.g. thermal imagery and chemical sensing), accident reconstruction, and more. We can provide airborne monitoring and surveillance.




Real Estate

Aerial views of real estate give potential buyers a complete aerial view in full colour HD video or 4K picture of a property. Flights taken within built up areas require the approval of Transport Canada through the application of a Special Flight Operations Certificate.


Aerial Cinematography

Drones are more cost effective than hiring a full scale helicopter or aircraft platform.